Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's Riddle! A Goodman Plays...

Inspired by my little sister, Margo's, choice in books this past Friday, I wanted to write something that goes along with the story. Happy Monday! ~ F

I am made of wind and wood; a touch of silver does me good. There was once a Goodman who made me sing. My truest song he could always bring. High and low my notes would carry; whether long or short, I never did tarry. Black and silver is my gig. It's in the band where I'm really big. 

What am I? 

There is already a clue! 


  1. I want to say wind chime but I know it's wrong.

  2. I'm going to guess flute, since they're made of wood and silver.

  3. It's a guitar!!!

    Lol...I have no clue!!!

  4. I'm too late! But it's definitely a clarinet! I can't believe I'm starting to think in riddles!

  5. Clarinet! Benny Goodman was the reason I picked the clarinet in 6th grade band. I am 35 btw. Many are shocked I am a fan of Benny Goodman.. lolz..
    I used to listen to this top 20 of the 60's music countdown every Sunday morning as I ate breakfast with my father.
    He had me mighty late (51 years old) in life so his era was the 40's/50's.
    Your twitter bird wont move and let me fix my typo! ARGH! I meant to type Top 20 of the 1940's music.
    I loved this riddle! It brings back cool memories for me :)


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