Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Going Down?

Everyone got it! Great to hear from all of you- something simple this week : )
~ F

Up or down, I go both ways; it all depends who goes or stays. In or out, it's up to you- push my buttons, and I  know what to do. I may clank or grind, possibly groan, but should the power cut, you'll wish you were home. For, I can be scary, if your stuck in one place- when I'm running smoothly is when you know you are safe.

What am I? Answer: An Elevavator


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    1. Thanks so much for tagging us, Toni D. We love your blog! Since we were just tagged twice in the same week and tagged some blogs already we will answer our favorite questions that you asked us (one here and one on your blog). Thanks so much for thinking of us:

      4. If you could live in any book world, which one would it be and why?

      Harry Potter- because there are so many places to visit, both magical and non-magical. To see Hogsmead in the winter is a dream of ours and Hogwarts would be amazing to explore. Plus, we could hang out with some of our favorite characters.
      ~Jess and Stephanie

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    1. Thanks, Caryn! I have so much fun making up a riddle each Monday. Thanks for stopping by!


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