Thursday, January 26, 2012

Top of The Heap! DMS Favorites...

The other day, Lizzy and I were chatting about the Harry Potter exhibit last year at the Boston Museum of Science. It was an awesome exhibit- so cool to see the costumes and props used in the movies. We both couldn't believe how tiny some of the clothes were. The conversation turned, and we talked about some of the different museums that we really enjoyed. So...

This weeks Top of the Heap is...
Favorite museums to visit

I have to go with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I very clearly remember the first time I went to the Met with my family; walking in through the hustle and bustle of coats and restrooms, then taking a right down a long, tiled hallway lined with ancient vases and statues. Suddenly, there was just so much to see. As we wove our way through rooms filled with a history's worth of treasures, we paused here and there to look at something closer or read the story that goes along with it. I touched Henry the VIII's armor and was completely  mesmerized by some of the oil paintings that I saw. I've gone back many times, and each time has been a magical experience. So, here's to the Met and all the amazing things people can do!

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio Boy Bitten by a Lizard 1594–96
Courtesy Fondazione di Studi di Storia dell’Arte Roberto Longhi

There are so many museums I enjoy, but my favorite is the Boston Museum of Science.  I think science is just about the coolest subject ever and this museum is all about having fun with science. Everything in the museum is interactive!  I always have a blast at the indoor playground testing out different forces and motions. The shadow wall is so cool- especially when you are in action when it captures your shadow onto the wall. I can spend hours in the museum testing out all kinds of science concepts. The last time I was there I even touched a real heart!  There are always new exhibits and the IMAX movies and 3D movies are mesmerizing. I can’t wait to go back and discover new things- I still haven’t been to the butterfly exhibit! ~L


  1. I love both of these and the next best things are aquariums...I want to go to every one!!!

  2. lucky you to have these museums available to you! I LOVE all middle daughter wanted to be a museum curator..until she saw the pay.

  3. Those sound awesome! I LOVE museums. If my girls sell enough Girl Scout cookies, they get to go to a few museums near us. They're trying so hard ;)

  4. I love museums. I've been to so many. My favorite is the Space Museum in D.C. I loved these pics. ty for this blog.

  5. @Patty- I LOVE aquariums! Can't get enough of them!

    @Momto8- Museum curators should get paid more. What a cool job. Imagine what they get to see in those back rooms?

    @Elisa- There are so many amazing museums. I hope your girls sell enough Girl Scout cookies. What a cool reward!

    @Donna- I haven't been to the Space Museum in D.C. I will have to visit it sometime! Glad you enjoyed this blog post!

  6. Museums are always fun. I like Art museums (not so much sculpture exhibition but the paintings kind).

    I thought curators get rather highly paid?

  7. @Claudine- I agree! The average curator make between $34,000 and $60,000 (but some make less than $26,000 and a small percentage make more that $60,000) so I guess they are paid okay, but most of them don't make a lot of money. From what I read- archivests make more money!

  8. I really like the Museum of Natural History in NY. The observatory is amazing!

  9. I like the Smithsonian! So much to see and I like the space shuttle.


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