Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Could You Survive?

Thirteen year old Brian Robeson is flying to Canada to visit his father when the pilot of the small bush plane that he is traveling in has a heart attack and dies. The plan crashes and the adventure really begins. Alone, in an unfamiliar area, Brian must learn the necessary skills to survive. He must rely on himself and dig deep in his memory to remember any bits of information that will help him to stay alive. Brian has many struggles that he has to overcome and this is a book about self-discovery. Without the necessary tools he won’t be able to pass the obstacles that are thrown in his way. Will Brian be able to gather food to survive? Will an encounter with a moose be the end of him? Is there any way he can be saved? Don’t wait to find out- go get this book!

What a fantastic fictional book! If you haven’t read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen I highly recommend it for both boys and girls. This book is perfect for anyone in 4th grade and up. Not only will you learn skills that could help you to survive on your own, you will be amazed at the ways Brian learns to believe in himself. I think that the author did a fantastic job creating a main character that everyone can relate to in some way. I was rooting for Brian the whole time and felt worried, happy, sad, and scared for him throughout this book. I can’t wait to read another book by Gary Paulsen!

Has anyone else read Hatchet? Or read another book by Gary Paulsen?

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  1. This book looks terrific! I've never heard of the book or author.

    Ana @ BookSpark

  2. I have heard of Paulsen but have not read anything by him. This book sounds great for my nephew who is in 4th grade! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Hello, Fairday!
    HATCHET is a fantastic book that keeps ANY reader engaged page after page. I met author Gary Paulsen and it's easy to understand why he can craft such an exciting's because he has lived the experience. When he gave his life story to a room packed with 1200 riveted listeners, I was amazed and had to continually lift my jaw off the floor. Afterwards I added a Gary Paulsen tribute page to my blog. Thank you for writing this review. I enjoyed it.

  4. I always like to see that new books for young people are being published, that inspire, encourage, and give useful life tools to young people.

  5. Sounds like a great book. I'm going to have to check it out. My son Christian says his book club is scheduled to read it right after The Lemonade Wars!

  6. @anaavu- Hatchet is a great read. Gary Paulsen has a wide variety of books.

    @Jennifer- I hope your nephew will enjoy it! It is a favorite of many boys!

    @Kim- Yeah another fan of Paulsen. I am so jealous that you met him. How cool! He sounds like a down to earth guy.

    @Jennie- I agree. I know you like audio books and I listened to this one (as well as read it). I think it is great in audio format!

    @Barbara- It really is!

    @Greg- I can't wait to hear what Christian's book club has to say about it. I hope you enjoy it too. I highly recommend the audio version- it is awesome!

  7. I've heard of the author but haven't got to his books yet. Thanks for sharing this. Will check his titles out soon!


  8. This sounds like such a fun read. Right from the start, it interested me.

  9. @Claudine and Donna- Enjoy! This is a book that you can read very quickly!

  10. I read this book and it is great. I learned a lot and I really liked Brian. I know he has a lot on his mind- but he really grows a lot during the book.

  11. One of my favorite books. The author has a unique style. I have read a few of his books- they are all good.


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