Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Round about...

Great guesses everyone! A circle does it! ~ F
Are you in or out? That's the riddle. For it matters not whether I'm big or little. I have no start and never an end; no destination awaits around any bend. A simple line defines my place- but the magic of infinity creates my space. So, can you tell what it is that I am? I'm the simplest thing known to man...
What am I? Answer: A Circle


  1. I totally should of got this! But I didn't..lol

  2. LOL Nick! It's all about the circles : ) So nice to see you here! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Where do you come up with these riddles? That is a great one!

  4. Thanks Deana! I have a blast thinking them up! I love to pick a topic on Monday morning- it could be anything- and then crafting the concept into a clever rhyme. THEN, the best part is finding cool images or videos that go along with the riddle when I post the answer. Thanks so much for popping in to check them out! ~ F

  5. I'm terrible at riddles, so when I cma eup with circle, I was pretty sure I was wrong!


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