Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Look out below...

Great guesses everyone! The 4 seasons could work as an answer, but Donna got it! ~ F

With no eyes upon me, I watch you pass, giving you a cool place in the summertime grass. I light up your life when the winter wind blows, bringing a rosy red man with a cold, shiny nose. When the rain comes to fall, and the flowers do bloom, I paint in the green to replace all the gloom. At the end of the circle, when the time comes to pass, I burst into color, then fall asleep at last. 

What am I? Answer: A tree

I took this shot at Bennett's Pond in Ridgefield, CT
No photoshop! The tree really looked like this! Spooky! ~ F

I took this awesome picture at White Flower Farm in Morris, CT


  1. my husband knew it, he thought it was a specfic type of tree...I sent him your link at work and he said he couln't work until he thoguht about the answer and figured it out...funny!

  2. Hi Momto8- Thanks for passing Monday's Riddle on to your husband- I love writing them, it's interesting to think about something in an obscure way and then put the thoughts into a riddle- and rhyme ( as I always seem to do : ). Every week it's a fun challenge! If you ever have one that you would like to share, please let me know- I love to post guest riddles. Thanks for stopping by! ~ F

  3. interesting to watch other people figure riddles out...my 11 yr old son read it, thought about it and guessed a tree very quickly...my 2 college kids thought way way too much about this and the Santa inference threw them off and they couldn't get it! haha! keep up the great work..it is fun.

  4. @momto8- I agree! It is amazing to see the way different people look at the same riddle. Thanks for sharing it with your whole family!


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