Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's Riddle! A Spark in the Dark...

So great to be back online! Here's this week's riddle ~ F

I can be up or down
Depends who's around
I light up your life for as long as I stay
It's never much fun when I go away
Written in history, I'm known as _______________________.

What am I?

A clue: One of my recently overlooked favorite things : )


  1. Fire? i don't know how much fun or not that it is?/-: I'll be back later w/ a different guess.(most likely...)

  2. I KNOW!!!! electricity!!!!
    or, thats what i think.(-;

  3. I'm with toni d. - the sun, maybe? =)

  4. I like fire for an answer, but I don't think it fits with the "up/down" portion of the riddle!
    The North Star?
    I'm way off, I know it :D

  5. I'll go with the majority and guess the sun :) This is such a fun blog! I have been following DMS, but never had a chance to explore until now.



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