Saturday, November 5, 2011

The DMS Wants to Know!

So, during the weirdest Halloween ever, under the spooky glow of candles, Lizzy and I came up with a great idea. Six of us huddled in a circle at the party and started asking each other questions about stories that we liked, and what we would do if we were in those situations. It was a really fun game, and kept our brains busy while we waited out the storm. We thought it would be fun to see what all of you think about some of the questions we came up with. Every week we will be posting a new question about different adventures and mysteries that we love to read. Lizzy and I are both excited to see where your imagination takes you!

This first question is for all the Potter fans out there. In the 5th book, The Order of the Phoenix Harry is introduced to The Room of Requirement. The DMS wants to know; what would you make The Room of Requirement into?

We can't wait to hear your answers, and we'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours : )

~ Lizzy and Fairday


  1. This is cool. I love Harry Potter and was very fascinated by this room when I read book 5. I would turn the room into a videogame palace. All kinds of crazy video games- every system. I would also have pinball games and other arcade type games. Basically every game I have ever seen or played would be there. All my friends would want to come over to play- and all the games would be free. I would also want some large screens- so my wii and Xbox games would seem life size. THAT would be so awesome!

  2. How fun! I share a bedroom- so without a doubt I would turn the Room of Requirement into my dream bedroom. A large- bed, with puffy pillows and velvety blankets. I would have bookshelves up to the ceiling- with one of those cool sliding ladders you see at book stores. I would also have my own bathroom with a jacuzzi. I would have music pumped in with all of my favorite music. It would be so nice!

  3. A library that has all of the books that has ever been written and will be written - but only ones that I would actually enjoy reading! And I would require that I will never get old in that room, so I can actually finish all of the books in it. Lots of comfy chairs. And an endless supply of chocolate that doesn't make you put on any weight, and has all the nutritional requirements in it... and a portal where I can throw a book into and then it'll come out with the character of the book that I want to come alive. Or the author. For moments when I want to chat and need to rest my eyes from reading. :D

  4. I would turn the room of requirement into spy central. I would have all the coolest, latest technology to solve crimes and catch criminals. That would be so awesome-

  5. Trey- A video game room sounds like a blast!

    Elaine- I bet your dream room would be a wonderful escape. :)

    Toni- I LOVE your idea! What a perfect way to use the room. Books and chocolate! Not aging would free up so much time to read and no calories from the chocolate is genius. I would only add a listening library to your fabulous room.

    Lizzy and I will share our idea soon...

  6. I'm with Toni D., also. My first thought was "A library" and she created the perfect one!

  7. I'd go with half drawing/art room and half library!

  8. Okay- so Lizzy and I both LOVED everyone's ideas. Toni described the Room of Requirement as the best library ever- and I personally loved S.E.'s idea for a drawing room- I have a perfect picture in my head of what my drawing room would look like. BUT, of course, Lizzy and I would turn the Room of Requirement into...(drum roll, please)...DMS Headquarters.

    Just how cool is DMS Headquarters? Well let me tell you...

    As you walk in, the first thing you notice is a huge desk, which sits like an island in the center of the room. It is command central for the DMS, and every part of it swivels and turns, shifting to whatever console you need. Lizzy and I both sit in black leather, high-back chairs that also swivel and roll on wheels- this way we can both be working on a case on our own fabulous computers, and when we need to chat face to face, we can just whip down the island and meet each other. The room would also have a giant video screen, every possible piece of spyware imaginable, an unbreakable vault for all of the clues we collect (like the high-heeled sneakers), and a magical closet that holds an endless wardrobe of disguises. Not to mention a conveyer belt that is attached to an invisible kitchen- all you have to do is say out loud what you want and, in seconds, whatever you ordered rolls out, ready to eat...

    Lizzy and I could have gone on and on about this for hours, lol- but, I think you can all get the picture. Basically, DMS Headquarters would ROCK! ~ F

  9. DMS headquarters sounds totally awesome- I would also add a teleportation device...


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