Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spooky answer to Monday's Riddle!

Okay- so the answer is haunted house- ha, ha Marcus- though there's definitely some truth in what you answered : ) Nightmare could also work- great guesses. I thought this was a good introduction to my absolute favorite time of year and the best holiday, of course, HALLOWEEN. It's a little early, but I can never contain myself.  I wanted to share the story and picture of one of the most interesting houses in Connecticut. It has fascinated me since I was little, and it IS haunted- documented and everything- see below the riddle- Would love to hear any thoughts about what you guys think- here's a hint: look in the windows- I took this picture about two years ago when my parents took me and Margo to CT for the weekend, so it hasn't been altered in any way. ~ F

     "Who's there?" you say to no one at hand.
     "What's that?" you repeat and purposefully stand.
Peering wide-eyed, you sneak from your room, down the hallway and into the gloom. A flickering flame lights your way, keeping the monstrous shadows at bay.
     "Hello?" you whisper into the dark. No one replies, perhaps it's a lark. 
But alas, no, it's not just for fun. The only way out, is to wait for the sun.
In this place, the walls are alive, the portraits are watching, and the ghosts still survive. You must be brave to live here at length, you must be ready and have what it takes. For it is widely known that which lies within, is something evil and thrives on sin.
     "Who's there, I say!" your breath comes in gasps.
     "Answer me!" you stammer, about to collapse.  
Silence... A groan... Something stirs in your wake...
     "WHAT WAS THAT!" you scream, your legs start to shake. 
 And then...
Where are you? Answer: A Haunted House

The "Hillbrow" House: 74 Main Street Newtown, CT 
Who are they all ?????
Here's the background story and the reference link: http://lifeinnewtown.com/channels/regional_localism/topics/holiday_tour_-_newtown_ct

74 Main Street Newtown, CT 06470: "The Hillbrow House"
A colonial Georgian house built about 1720.  It is a fine example of pre-Revolutionary architecture that has been restored and well preserved by its current owners. 
The house's deed calls it "Head of Main Street" because it is located at the top of Main Street where many of the original Newtown settlers lived.  The early owners called the house "Hillbrow" because of its location on the brow of the hill.  They had a granite marker engraved with "Hillbrow" included in the front steps by the rock wall.
The house has two very unusual features; the rare side-by-side beehive ovens at the rear of the huge kitchen fireplace which helps date the house, and the curved entry staircase that splits in two directions on the second level leading to the front and back halls and then continues to the third floor.
The land the house sits on was acquired by John Blackman in 1715 and was passed down through several generations of the Blackman family.  In the mid 1700's the house was acquired by Ziba Blakeslee, the famous Newtown clockmaker, silversmith and bellfounder.  Blakeslee is credited by some as the creator of the rooster that sits atop the original Congregational Church.
It is said that a ghost inhabits the house.  He is the ghost of a man [sic] who lived in the house during the Revolutionary War when Rochambeau and his men were encamped in Newtown.  After refusing to give some of the soldiers food (the owner was a British sympathizer) some of the men made the elderly owner run up and down Main Street. He died that night and has been haunting the house ever since.

Pretty scary eh???? LOVE IT!


  1. That's crazy! I see a bunch of faces- and the girl or whatever in the right bottom window is totally freaky! I have passed by this house with my Dad when we were driving through Newtown last halloween- Main street in Newtown is AWESOME on Halloween- this house had a huge spider web that came down from the roof- the other houses on the street were all decorated too- I wanted to stop and get some candy, but my Dad couldn't find a place to park- definitely talking him into going back this year!

  2. Wow! Those are cool photos. Haunted houses are so interesting! And I was right! Yea! I will have to check out that house. I only live a couple hours away- well worth the drive. Thanks for sharing.

  3. OMG! This house looks super creepy! I saw soooo many faces in the windows. That is so cool that you took this picture. I need to see this house in person!!!!

  4. Imagine living there! No way! But I would like to visit. Especially at Halloween. I counted over 6 faces in the windows. What a cool photo! I'd love to look at the house in infrared or ultraviolet light!

  5. Hi, great blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

    All of those faces make me want to research more of that house's story. Fantastic.

  6. I agree- I love haunted houses. They are so fun- especially at this time of year! Of course, living in one is a whole different story. :)


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