Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday's Riddle!

A clue: Something that we are all born with that sets us apart and brings us together at the same time  ~F

Sisyphus toils away, pushing a boulder up a hill everyday. His hard work seems forever in vain, as the rock nearing the top always falls just the same. Tired and worn, he begins once again, endlessly struggling for a means to an end. What keeps him going? How can he persist? Knowing the outcome; that there's no end to the list. It is I who frees him from his invisible tether. It is I who manifests his wanton endeavor. The struggle is timeless, the end always there, the beginning begins and whole worlds disappear. Inside, through your trials and errors foretold, it is I that will guide you and give you something to hold.

What am I?


  1. Hmmm... tricky riddle, and also cool that you reference Sisyphus, as he was punished for his trickery- I think maybe, perseverance???

  2. Good guess from Marcus. I am thinking motivation? This is tricky.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. sorry- did something wrong w/ my comment.
    I think hope or persevearence!


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