Sunday, August 7, 2011

Be Prepared to Be Scared!

I just read Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac. What a story! The main character, Molly, is part Mohawk and grows up listening to traditional stories passed on through generations. One of these stories is about a Skeleton Man that is very lazy and eats his family and other members of his tribe because he is too lazy to go and hunt for food. It is a creepy story, but Molly is entertained by it until the day her parents vanish. The police plan to send her to child services, until her long lost uncle comes to save her. Molly is convinced that he isn’t really her uncle. Every night when she goes into her room her uncle comes and locks her in. She tries not to spend any time with her uncle and looks forward to her time at school. Will Molly be able to survive? Is her uncle really who he says he is? Be prepared to be scared! Anyone that likes scary stories will find this to be a quick read. This would be a great one to read near Halloween!

Has anyone else read this book? Or any other books by Joseph Bruchac?



  1. This sounds like a really interesting book Lizzy! ~F

  2. I love scary books. This sounds awesome.

  3. My teacher read this book to our class two years ago. I was happy to hear it during the day or I would have been scared. I just saw there is a sequel.
    I want to read it- during the day. Lol.

    Cool review!

  4. Trey- Hope you enjoy the book!

    Flex- I agree! It is scary and much easier to not freak yourself out if you read it during the day. :)


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