Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle!

S.E. you got it right away! Darn, I thought that one would stump you guys- but then, I should know better! The DMS members are the cleverest! ~ F

Science and mythology live forever when light and matter come together.
Sons stream forth from radiant light. In mid-August, they shine so bright.
But for a quest this hero led, the Gorgon would never have lost her head. 
And I wouldn't have been given my name, if that head he did not claim.

What am I? Answer: The Perseids Meteor Shower!


  1. I love meteor showers! They are so magical. We will get to see another one in November! Nice job S.E. for being the first to get it!

  2. I love the solar system... and beyond. I look at the night sky every night and think, what if...?

  3. Me, too! The solar system is so cool. I love imagining what else is out there!


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