Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Riddle! Back on Track...

Another fun one to think about... ~F

Before, you're excited; enter if you dare
After, you can relax and breathe in the air
The middle is confusing, as you twist and turn
The tricks and surprises, no doubt you'll learn...

Where are you????

Check back later if you need to get a clue...


  1. I'm thinking a haunted house or a roller coaster. So, I guess you are at an amusement park?


  2. Great guess Lizzy- goes with the header-
    Hmmm.... dancing... (my mom just made me go country line dancing recently, and that's exactly how I felt...LOL!

  3. Marcus- I would have given anything to see that : ) ~F

  4. I think your inside a Haunted House!

  5. The haunted house is a great guess, but if that isn't it I am going to go with a corn maze! We got stuck in one (we thought would be easy) for over an hour!


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