Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle!

All of your guesses were great! But, here's the answer: ~ F

I am something born of nothing.
Nothing becomes something wherever I am.
You cannot touch me, taste me, or smell me, yet I am.
Formless and speechless, but ever present.
I am not mysterious, I have no identity but for what I am called, I am not a trick, I have nothing to gain nor lose. I am as I am, and all things are defined by me. 
What am I? 

Answer: Open space/ or empty space- scientifically speaking (Marcus : ) "dark matter" 


  1. Cool video and riddle! :) I love astronomy!!!

  2. Hey Fairday- you know me! I love this stuff! Great riddle with a cool answer-

  3. Guess I was wrong! Still fun to try to figure it out. Way cool video!


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