Saturday, January 7, 2012

The DMS Wants to Know!

In school this week, my class was talking about advancements in technology. Marcus and I got into a discussion about different types of machines that can do all sorts of cool things.
So, the DMS wants to know...
If you could have a machine that did whatever you wanted, what would it do?

We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours! 


  1. I would want machine to do my homework. That would be awesome!

  2. I would like a machine to clean my room!! I would never have to clean up again!

  3. I would want a teleporter! It would be the coolest thing ever if I could pop over to a friends house whenever I wanted to!

  4. My first thought was "Clean my house!" but after reading Marcus's answer, I want a teleporter, too. So cool! And I think I could teleport the dirty laundry and dishes elsewhere, too. ;)

  5. I got one of my wishes where this is concerned. When I was small, I said I wished there was a machine that would read any book to me that I wanted. Instant access to printed material was something I could only dream of back then, but with Kindle, and another device called the Victor Stream, everything I could ever want to read is available to me now. :-)

    So the next thing I'd like is a time machine; I'm fascinated by time travel.

  6. What an interesting question!! And I'm thinking it shouldn't be too difficult to answer.... the only catch is I'd much rather that a machine had to make this choice; rather than a human being with all the traits that go with this condition - ie. greed, prejudice, self absorption, ignorance; to name a few. Probably not the sort of response you were seeking....perhaps I've just had one of those sort of days.

  7. My brother is a mechanical engineer and he builds robots for a living. Isn't that cool?!
    I'd love to have this machine (his latest project):
    'Cause it would give money to his project and it would be so neat to have :0)

  8. This is just too easy...

    One machine designed to fold and neatly put away laundry, empty the dishwasher and...put away groceries!!!


  9. Elisabeth, that is so cool that your brother build robots! My machine is a little silly, but I think it would be awesome to have a mechanical arm attached to the headboard of my bed that would hand me my glass of water, set/shut off my alarm clock, work my cd player when I listen to audio books before going to bed, then remove the headphones, and possibly pet my head until I fall asleep- that would be heavenly! ~ F

  10. the 13 yr old want a wrestling partner robot to practice driling with..the 11 yr old wants a money making husband wants a machine that cleans all the showers, everyday..the 15 yr old doesn't really want a machine.

  11. homework machine totally lol

  12. Cool question! I'll go for a machine that cleans my room everyday! It must know inventory and must have organizational skills! :)

    Nancy @ Simple Clockwork

  13. I have always wanted a machine like the one on the Jetsons. I could stand on a flat escalator and have my hair washed and dried, my nails done, breakfast handed to me, etc. I am NOT a morning person- so just standing there and getting ready for the day (or for bed at the end of the day) would be dreamy! If only...

  14. What creative ideas!

    @Flex and Roro- Homework machine! Cool! I think there is a book about that.

    @Trey- A machine to clean would make life easier!

    @Marcus and Kelly- A teleporter would rock!

    @Accidentalwriter- I think you are right- people bring all kinds of things into this equation!

    @PAtty- I hate to fold laundry, too! Good idea!

    @Rachel- That is fantastic that your original dream machine has been invented. Yeah! A time machine would be so cool!

    @momto8- What creative ideas! I love the wrestling partner. I bet lots of kids would love someone to practice with. Money making would be great! And cleaning would be a breeze!

    @Fairday- I knew you would pick that! Too funny!

    You guys came up with fabulous ideas!

  15. I would like a machine that does housework. That would be really neat!

    My daughter said she would make a machine that could transform anything into candy.

  16. LOL ruthhill74! I want that machine too! ~ F


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