Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Harmonious Heartstrings...

You all guessed it! I thought this was a good way to kick off the holiday season! ~ F

When the strings of my heart are plucked in time, heavenly music will surly chime. Sought from a loom or a hunter's bow, I resonate vibrations both high and low. With an angel's voice, I can calm the beast. On my golden notes, your soul will feast. I am beautiful and grand as you will see, when you figure out what it is that I might be.

What am I? Answer: A Harp

YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011: Harp Orchestral Audition


  1. Now that was a really good one...I love this site and the artwork and the blog...it is the best...

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  3. Thanks, Patty! So glad you liked it and that you are loving the blog. Yeah! :)

  4. I was going to say a violin,viola,cello. A harp is right on the money! I love the Monday Riddles. One night I read through a few past ones because they are really great. Fun too.

    I am JEALOUS of your pretty little Xmas lights & your blinky wreath!
    Your blog is more festive than my house ;)
    I JUST took down my scarecrows LAST night! Only because my neighbors said they were bringing the Christmas Property Value down for their houses. lolz.

    Have you seen the new LCD/HD Christmas lights? Well, they are so BRIGHT if they are on a tree you see NOTHING of the tree but lights. lolz.

    I say my neighbors house looks like the airport. We can see it from Google Earth! hahaha..
    I joke but guess who is getting them in rainbow/ multi colored for her porch?

    I am putting your pretty red shoe button on my sidebar & NOT in the marquee because it's AWESOME. How did I not see it before?

    I took up enough chatty space on your blog for today so I will go now. I was going to watch something on tv but I forgot what so I must find it again..

    Have a great Friday & TTYL :)


  5. I am so glad you love our Monday riddles. They are fun to come up with and a good challenge.

    I was so excited when I found the Christmas lights and other decor. It was fun to deck out the blog. I did decorate my house, too- but it didn't take more than a day. I cracked up when I read about your scarecrow and property values. lol Porch lights have to go up next! I love to see multi-colored lights out on my porch. Makes me feel very festive. Good luck decorating. I don't know how they get the new lights so bright- they are almost blinding!

    Yeah! You love the shoes. That makes me smile- thanks!!! Glad you grabbed them!

    Hope you found your show- if not there are tons of holiday favorites on! :)


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