Go G-Suite!

Imagine what writers who wrote books by hand thought about typewriters. Or how authors using typewriters felt when they were introduced to a computer. 😀

Welcome to the next generation of innovation called G-Suite, an online tool for creators to get projects growing. 💭

Go G-Suite, and you'll never go back.

G- Suite is a platform on the cloud where you can store documents and share with contributors. It's a brilliant way to access your files from anywhere in the world. It works wonders for authors, companies, or anyone who wants to keep their business in order and easily accessible.

G-Suite comes with apps you can use depending on the tools you need to build your idea. Once you get started, it's easy to navigate and manage files.

After working with G-Suite, other programs feel archaic. Sharing live documents eliminates many of the snags in completing a task. With Google Docs, you can track revisions from the origin of the document. Contributors can view and edit the same information, so nothing gets lost in translation. It's a breeze to run blog tours with Google Forms. Google Draw works great for making images to share on social media. Google Slides is the perfect tool to create a presentation, and there's so much more once you start looking around G-Suite. The technology continues to evolve at lightning speed.

Stephanie Robinson & Jessica Haight use Google Slides to talk to readers about crafting the Fairday Morrow series. 
Find out more about the books: FAIRDAYSFILES.COM
Log on to a computer, go to your G-Drive, and voila! Your professional slide show is ready to go. G-Suite does everything the old programs do, only better because the data is instantly available and located in one spot. Being able to share a manuscript directly with editors is a delight beyond measure. You can't fully understand it until you've clicked the resolve button and experienced the magic yourself, plus there are less errors in the final document.

G-Suite is an efficient way to manage folders, keep track of promotions, sales, marketing strategies, contacts, calendars, social media, websites, blogs, and everything else that goes along with bringing a creative project to life.

For writers, having these powerful tools in one place is priceless.

Think about the last time a Word Doc crashed after you'd been writing for eight hours and had some good sentences. You're typing away, keys clacking, feeling happy about your progress. Suddenly, the program quits. Panicking, you click to reopen the document, but it's corrupted. All of your work is gone.

It's a painful memory. Sorry to dredge it up.

That isn't going to happen with G-Suite. Your information is automatically saved, even if your computer dies, your data lives in the cloud.

If you have access to the internet, you're good to go with G-Suite. With this awesome connectivity, you are free to create, collaborate, and share!

Writer's Tool Kit in the G-Suite

To learn more about G-Suite, click here.

Happily referring for G-Suite Referral Program to promote worldwide connection and streamline creation. Go G-Suite! 😆

Jess & Stephanie's tool kit for making mysteries

Episode 1: Using Google to organize and edit a manuscript

After presenting at the Plumb Memorial Library, authors of the Fairday Morrow series, Stephanie Robinson & Jessica Haight, discuss their experience using G- Suite to build their book series in this short video clip. 
There's no better place to get a clue than the library!

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  1. I hadn't heard of Google Draw, but I have used Google docs, spreadsheets, and forms. It's pretty nice, if you have a steady internet connection.

    1. Hi Cherie! We love working with this platform. It's especially useful for collaboration on a project, as everything is all in one place and all parties involved can view the live information. Thanks for stopping by! :) ~ Jess & Stephanie


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