Tuesday, January 30, 2024

View From the Pond October/November/December

Happy New Year! Hope 2024 is starting off well for everyone. One of my goals is to get organized with my View From the Pond posts- and I am doing it! I am able to wrap up the last three months of 2023 and I'll be able to get on track with 2024 now that I am all caught up. 

This past week it has been freezing here, so it was nice to look back on some better weather. We didn't get any snow through December- so those photos will come when I share January views. Looking back it is easy for me to see why I had a hard time narrowing down photos for the post. The vibrant colors in October made the pond a true delight. Every minute the lighting changed, and I kept snapping away!

Sit back and enjoy looking back on the Fall views. I certainly felt very lucky to have such stunning views right out my front door. 



November I was away on a short trip and adjusting to having a sprained wrist. Still, I was able to get some pictures, and even when I didn't get to take as many as I wanted- I was able to sit and enjoy the calming view. 

December was a rainy month. We got 15 inches of rain in one month! It made the pond and the brook very full!  The brook was doing a lot more than babbling that is for sure. The rain made it hard to snap as many photos as I would have liked, but it was amazing to watch. Plus, I find the sound of water running very relaxing and soothing, so I tried to soak it all in. 

(You can hear the brook and the rain in this short video.)

And that's a wrap on 2023! Stay tuned for views from the new year. Thanks for stopping by and visiting!


  1. A lot of water.
    Any of the water in that area freeze in the winter? I bet it's still a beautiful sight covered in snow.

  2. Wow! You got a lot of rain in December. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of warmer weather. It's been freezing in Michigan this month, and it's snowing again today.

  3. How absolutely glorious. I so often turn to nature for solace and heart balm. You are right about the scent and sound of water too.

  4. So peaceful. And so neat to see the changing of the seasons.

  5. I must say it all looks gorgeous - so fortunate to have those views, together with the weatherly sounds ... enjoy, enjoy! Cheers Hilary


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