Friday, March 27, 2020

Answer to Fairday's Riddle: Stay and Play!

Excellent guessing, Riddlers! A tricky riddle, but fun to write. Tune in next week, we're in the mood to play. 😃See you all around the book block. ~ F

Imagination flicker spark
Scenes act out to ignite the dark
Mind in matter will heed a lark

Tea party style at pool bottom
Matchbox rides if you’ve got 'em
Awakened eyes shall make a mark 

Endless depth to that which is real
Head, heart, hands like to think and feel
Charging chattel to jump, dance, squeal
See flowers grow, and touch tree bark

Hide and seek under pillow fort
Bouncing balls do dribble in court
Entangled bits seize the strange quark

This is that and that could go there
Being light, as free with no care
Turning the time inside your lair 
Seasons do shift, green lush to stark


Below are the A lines brought together with a personal flare. :)

Mind in matter will heed a lark 
~Awakened eyes shall make a mark  
See flowers grow, and touch tree bark 
~ Entangled bits seize the strange quark
Seasons do shift, green lush to stark

What am I referring to? Answer: Play!
A zejel poem is an old Spanish poetic form. Below is is a layout template to use if you feel like playing with words. It's a challenge to write a zejel poem! Each line has to be 8 syllables. You can write about any topic and change it up a bit, like in the "Play" poem. I alternated making two of the stanzas two lines with a A line at the end, instead of three.

-First stanza is a tercet (3-line stanza) with an AAA rhyme scheme

-All other stanzas are quatrains (4-line stanzas) with a XXXA rhyme scheme, so the second stanza would be BBBA, third CCCA, fourth DDDA, and so on to the end of the poem

-Lines are usually 8 syllables long

A- rhyme- beginning
A- rhyme- middle
A- rhyme- end

B- rhyme- add to story/ beginning
B- rhyme- add to story/ beginning
B- rhyme- add to story/ beginning
A- rhymes with the A lines- match context with beginning A line

C- rhyme- add to story/ middle
C- rhyme- add to story/ middle
C- rhyme- add to story/ middle
A- rhymes with the A lines- match context with middle A line

D- rhyme- add to story/ end
D- rhyme- add to story/ end
D- rhyme- add to story/ end
A- rhymes with the A lines- match context with end A line

And so on... (bring the A lines together when your poem is finished to see how they read.)

Here are a couple more zejel poems I wrote to exercise my imagination with word play. 😀


Oh! Queen of Night, stepping in now
Dragonfly diamond sparkle bough
Whimsy tips brushing soft pink brow

Hum wing buzz in shadow moonlight
Breath of air on rose sunset flight
Water babbling betwixt in sight
Pungent colors pique mortal wow 

Zig-zag fury on ancient vine 
Buzzing blissful in circle line 
Changing ways a mere passing sign  
Rise to fall upon croaking row

Bashful frizz passing eyes alight   
Fear the tender tercet reads right 
Heart is frothing to take a bite
Arise! Awake! Whispered secret vow


Skim a flat stone and ripple space 
Flip light switch upon flesh face
Here is now, in the middle place

They work for all-—each in their turn
One for the other they will learn
Right this way, free spirits shall yearn
Reflections spot your inner trace

I will know myself— how eye roll 
None for the other takes a toll 
Left in the dust, lost laggers loll 
Circle by time at your own pace 

Slice a straight line through our dark heart
Everything breathes in one whole part 
Each must shoot its own poison dart
It takes two to run a mad race

Fairday's Riddles: Volume I 
Make time to riddle and rhyme!
62 original riddles and illustrations


  1. Love your creativity - and we all need to play. Today and every day.

  2. lovely ! Love play with my dogs! xo be safe and take care

  3. Totally off but always fun to play!


  4. I never got it, but I love this form of poem. Stay sfae, hugs, Valerie

  5. Hi DMS - I definitely didn't guess this ... but I'll be back to study your answer! Too complicated right now ... such fun to know about though ... all the very best for you and yours - Hilary

  6. My guessing skills were way off on this one, but what creativity. Important to take time to play. All the best to you Brenda

  7. Well, I guess I got close when I said fun under the stars. But close don't count unless it's in horseshoes, at least that's what we say in the country.

  8. Wow … well done, and as others have also said.
    Great creativity :)

    All the best Jan

  9. Lovely! And you are so good at it, Jess. How long does it take you, generally, to write a poem like this?

  10. Love it!! You create magic! I've always loved teaching different styles of poetry to kids :)

  11. Brilliant!!! What a great post! Thank you!!!


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