Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Nature's Mask

Here's a clue for our review: Illustration by Wendell Minor
Excellent guessing, Riddlers. Birds count! Wildlife comes in many forms. Friday, Margo has a wonderful children's picture book to share, and Saturday we'll be featuring a special interview from the Artists' Corner, so stay tuned! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

Untamed in a real world; talons stretched, wings unfurled. 
Eyes alight behind the trees, many more than than one first sees. 
As above, so below; day and night sing songs we know— 
Crickets chirp, peepers peep, owls swoop low, hares dig deep. 
On matter in space, this paints Mother Nature's face.

What am I referring to? Answer: Wildlife!

Make time to riddle and rhyme!

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  1. Oh my, love that illustration! Can't wait.

  2. I had plenty of birds in there, so I can still win.

  3. Brilliant ...
    Love the illustration.

    All the best Jan

  4. Really cute. I never would have gotten this, but I'm not a good riddle solver.

  5. Loving that illustration.

    Not sure I'd have got the riddle this week, I'd have probably said creatures of the forest.

  6. Good to know birds count too as part of wildlife! :)

  7. Great illustration! Love that owl's face. And as always a perfect riddle:)
    Have a great one.

  8. Love that illustration!! Wildlife, tricky! Great riddle! Big Hugs!

  9. Beautiful picture. How did I miss Monday? I need to look at the calendar. Adore wildlife.

  10. Wildlife, indeed! WHO would of guessed :)


  11. Oh, this was a lovely riddle :D Loved it. <3 And ee, owls are awesome.

  12. Aha! I knew that this was a tricky one. It actually makes perfect sense... once the riddle has been solved for me (;


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