Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Poetry in Motion...

Lazy Jane by Shel Silverstein- my favorite poem. :)
Excellent guessing, Riddlers! This week we'll be wrapping up the year with some of our favorite posts and announcing our December book giveaway winners. See you all around the book block next year. ; ) ~ F

I'm inner imagery; the sense of a scene. I'll make you smell color or carelessly careen. Peddling words when they're tossed and seasoned, I'll deliver to you both rhyme and reason. Some think I'm cheap, too wrapped up in emotion. Some find me scholarly, others seek potion. I can be anything to those who dare leap, it's the blank of my pages that shapes wolves into sheep. What can I be? I'm a genre in history, keeping forever the stroke of life's mystery. Those who write me may become famous, though most end up broke and nameless. But, it matters not the title or author, time sticks to the story like stones in a coffer. 

What am I? Answer: poetry

The answer to the clue is: Poe wrote on both. ;)

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  1. Well writing counts as it has to be done to make poetry haha the cat will stick with that

  2. I blew it. Thank you for the witty riddles and illustrations. I have enjoyed flexing my mind on them.

  3. I knew it! I saw everyone else guessing "books," but this line tipped me off: "Those who write me may become famous, though most end up broke and nameless." Although that COULD apply to books, as well, I guess!

  4. Wow... so completely wrong! I love your favorite poem by Shel Silverstein (:

  5. Hi Jess - I really need an education in poetry .. loved the thoughts expressed here .. and yes I can see the peddling words and I should concentrate more when here ...

    Good luck with 2015 and here's to success and happiness and prosperity ... cheers Hilary


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