Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Poetry in Motion...

Lazy Jane by Shel Silverstein- my favorite poem. :)
Excellent guessing Riddles! Congratulations to Joanne R. Fritz for guessing correctly. This was a tricky riddle! Lizzy's review will whisk us away, and Friday we'll woo you with words. See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

I'm inner imagery; the sense of a scene. I'll make you smell color or carelessly careen. Peddling words when they're tossed and seasoned, I'll deliver to you both rhyme and reason. Some think I'm cheap, too wrapped up in emotion. Some find me scholarly, others seek potion. I can be anything to those who dare leap, it's the blank of my pages that shapes wolves into sheep. What can I be? I'm a genre in history, keeping forever the stroke of life's mystery. Those who write me may become famous, though most end up broke and nameless. But, it matters not the title or author, time sticks to the story like stones in a coffer. 

What am I? Answer: poetry

The answer to the riddle clue is: Poe wrote on both. :)

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  1. I missed it! I wouldn't have guessed even if I'd been here on time. I love to read riddles, but I'm hopeless at figuring them out.

  2. Well done to Joanne. I was completely stumped by this weeks riddle

  3. Great answer. What a great riddle.

  4. +JMJ+

    Oh, man! Poetry was my first answer, before I second-guessed myself! =P

  5. Yay Joanne! I wouldn't have gotten that one. I probably would have guessed song lyrics.

  6. Well I was totally wrong. Love Shel Silverstein

  7. My goodness that was a tricky one. Well done, Joanne.

  8. Oh my...that was tricky...but I love Shel Silverstein!

  9. I suck at riddles. Love that poem. :)


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