Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Answer to Monday's Riddle: Rules for the Ruled

Excellent guessing Riddlers! Looking at Professor Umbridge was a bit unsettling, but this week we'll try to follow the rules. Though, Lizzy's review may break a few. Friday, we're excited for the chance to chat with Sharon Draper, author of the moving middle grade book Out of My Mind. Over the weekend, we always enjoy hearing from you on The DMS Wants to know. See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

You so want to to do it, but I say no; feel like going fast, but I say slow. Posted for all to see, I'm a proclamation made to be. Cast by those who strive for order and hope to keep a strict, known border. Some are useful and tell of danger, some are silly, and some get stranger. Either way, who abides? Who's the one that decides? Can someone else choose your way? Why would you listen to what they say? I'm the red line in the sand, drawn in time by another's hand. Listen to me! Do what I say! Or else something will come to ruin your day.  

What am I? Answer: Rules! 

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  1. Oh this was a good one, I thought laws but I guess those are almost the same as rules..LOL

  2. I didn't see it Monday, but I got it as I was reading it :) These posts are amazing!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  3. I was getting there! But my eye shifted down to the solution before I did!
    Love the riddle!

    Ah, I'm back!

  4. Fantastic riddle. I need to remind myself to come here Monday so I can make my guess.


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