Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Chasing Time!

Excellent guessing Riddlers! This week, we'll find the time. Lizzy's review will be here before you know it, and Friday the Character Book Club gathers once more, so be sure to stop by! Over the weekend, we always enjoy hearing from you on The DMS Wants to Know. See you all around the book block.  ; ) ~ F

I can fly fast or move very slow. It all depends on scene of the show. I'm really nothing, no structure or bounds. But, I mark the things as they pass cross these grounds. Most live by my rule, though no one is my keeper- in the wake of the dream I record the sleeper. I live to see planning and action take place, moving the moment from space to space. There is no one who doesn't need me, except for those who wish to be free. When I'm in charge, the present will shrink, the line expands, and people can think. Right now, for one, I'm the guts of this rhyme, ticking each notch in circular time.

What am I? Answer: Time!  (fill in the blank) 

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  1. Looking at the riddle complete I don't know where I got rhythm. I must have been thinking about that book too much :P

  2. Great riddle, I wouldn't have guessed that one.

    1. Hi Adriana and Heidi, Thanks! Excellent to hear from you both :) ~ F


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