Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Tis the Season for Dance!

Excellent guessing Riddlers! We're dancing into this week with the ballet. Lizzy's review will be on pointe, and Friday, children's author Karen Pokras Toz will be stopping by to chat with us about her awesome stories! See you all around the book block. ; ) ~ F

Wishing all a wonderful season of love and gratitude. 
Happy Thanksgiving!
A holiday party gathers together, a merry frolic in winter weather. Family and friends toast many cheers, and at the eighth hour a magician appears. There are toys galore and feasting at hand- a wondrous show, a festive band. After the party, when all's said and done, the room becomes quiet and waits for the sun. But one little girl, who just can't wait, sneaks down the stairs very late. She sees the thing she wants to hold- the doll brought by magic sits still in the cold. It raises her spirits as she holds it with care- she turns and lifts it into the air. A scurrying scampers under her feet, something's come in looking to eat. The room is now a dream from within- there are sugar plum fairies and rats who can grin. The little girl's caught in the show- if granted her wish, this night she'll know.

What am I referring to? Answer: The Nutcracker

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  1. Bummer, I missed it Monday!
    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I saw The Nutcracker ages ago and can't remember most of it.

    Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

    1. Hi Alex and Medeia, You guys too! Thanks for stopping by. : ) ~ F

  3. Indeed, although the name "Nutcracker" does make me slightly grimace. Ignore me! :)

    Have a lovely American Thanksgiving and thank you for your kind comment on my post.


  4. Replies
    1. Hi klahanie and Carina, Thanks so much for popping over to share your thoughts with us. : ) ~ F


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