Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Answer to Monday's Riddle! A Brick in the Wall : )

The Great Wall of China 
Excellent guessing! You guys are so smart. Monday's Riddle was another brick in the wall, and Lizzy's review will give us the inside story. Thursday on Top of the Heap, we'll find out which side of the wall we're on, and Friday, it's time for another Village Story Peddlers post. Saturday, we love to hear from you on The DMS Wants to Know. See you all around the book block ; ) ~ F

I'm a divide that breaks up space- sometimes I'm useful; sometimes, a waste. Inside can be out or outside in; where you are is where I begin. I can be mighty, great, and tall or I can be whimsical, meager, and small. Perhaps I'm transparent or made from rocks- I'm built in time from stacked up blocks. I may be decorated with what life brings; pictures or flowers; all sorts of things. I can keep you safe or locked in a prison. I can rally your thoughts so you'll make a decision. I'm a simple structure that's easy to find- an idea of the heart made real by the mind. 

What am I? Answer: A Wall 

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  1. Well, a wall it was then. :)


    1. Hi Akossiwaketoglo, Yes! Thanks so much for stopping by to guess the riddle : ) ~ F

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Meradeth, Thanks! Awesome to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by to check out the riddle : ) ~ F

  3. Love the riddle :D And the picture. <3

    1. Hi Carina, Thanks! Great to hear from you : ) ~ F


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