Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Answer to Monday's Riddle! Get the Code: 10101001

Excellent guessing Riddlers! This week, Lizzy's review will crack the code, and Thursday on Top of the Heap we'll show you something cryptic. Friday, Timothy Davis will be stopping by to tell us about his story Sea Cutter: Book 1 in The Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe, and Saturday, we always enjoy hearing from you on The DMS Wants to Know! See you all around the book block ; ) ~ F

A sequence or pattern put into place, left to leave an unmarked trace. Those who figure out the key, will surly unlock a mystery. Open Sesame gets you in. With the right numbers you're bound to win. A password or secret known by you, leaked to another if that's what you do. It could be a name or date of birth. It can hide something small or of measurable girth. A puzzle or word that opens a door if, of course, you're the person it's for. 

What am I referring to? Answer: Secret Code

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