Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Answer to Monday's Riddle! An Epic Battle...

Great guessing Riddlers! This was a tricky one! Wednesday, the epic battle will rage on with Lizzy's review, and Thursday, we will shine a light into the dark on Top of the Heap. Friday, be prepared for something exciting, and Saturday, we can't wait to hear from you on The DMS Wants to Know. The Drawing Contest is also happening this month. So, be sure to stop by and enter for your chance to win a fabulous prize pack. See you all around the book block ; ) ~ F

One and the other- what could they be? Without them, there would be nothing to see. Something right fights with what's wrong, pulling the strings forever along. A label of tides is a mark to be told, piecing together those stories of old. Timelessly spaced from an end to an end- seen black or white, as foe or friend. This theme shall continue as we pass through our space- flashing by pictures, showing our face. Sometimes lovely, but also bad- one makes you happy, and the other is mad. 

Oh, what is it that dwells inside of us all? What makes us reach heights, or sink, and then fall? A ying and a yang, a dark and a light- a purposeful blend mixes truthful insight. So tell me now, what do you think? Is it from the same fountain we drink? For, when we stir the scene and brew emotion, we set the stage forward, churning in motion. 

What are we?Answer: Good vs. Evil!


  1. Aw - I missed this one and it is a really good riddle! I'm not sure I would have got it right this time though :)

    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks! And, thanks for stopping by- I was wondering where you were! Lovely to hear from you : ) ~ F

  2. There's nothing like a good good vs evil book. And nothing compares to Harry Potter when it comes to good vs evil.


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