Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love, Aubrey: A Lesson in Healing

Check out the Author Interview with Suzanne LaFleur!

Eleven-year-old Aubrey’s life has been turned upside-down over the past few months. First her family is part of a tragic accident that changes everything. Then, her mother leaves her alone to fend for herself and never tells her where she is going or when she will be back. Aubrey knows she can take care of herself until her mother returns, even though she is scared. When Aubrey doesn’t answer the phone for a few days her grandmother shows up at her door. Her grandmother does the only thing she can; she uproots Aubrey from her home in Virginia and brings her up to her house in Vermont. Trying to deal with being abandoned, along with the other losses that she has experienced, Aubrey begins writing letters to sort out her feelings. Over the course of the summer, a friendship begins to blossom with the next door neighbor, Bridget, although there are certainly some ups and downs. Will Aubrey’s mother come back for her? What is the tragedy that has rocked her world? Will Aubrey ever be able to move on? Read this touching book about friendship, loss, and hope to find out!

Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur is a book like none other! I read it in a day because I had to find out what happened. Aubrey is a girl that I can imagine being friends with because she has feelings that I can relate to, even though we have different lives. I think the book would be helpful for anyone that has experienced a major loss because they would be able to relate to Aubrey and might learn from her about healing. It is also an excellent book for people to read who have friends that have gone through something big that they aren’t sure how to help them with because they don’t know what to say. I would recommend this book to anyone in 4th grade and up that is ready for an emotional story with characters that will really make them think. Be prepared to cry!

Has anyone else read Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur? It is her first book and I can’t wait for her next book Eight Keys!

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  1. I have never heard of this book. Sounds interesting! I bet it can help a lot of people. Awesome review!

  2. Ooh! I absolutely love books that you can't put down. How fun. Thanks for reviewing this book.

  3. Great review Lizzy!
    This book sounds fascinating, I will definitely have to check it out : ) ~ F

  4. I haven't read this book- but it sounds very touching. I definitely want to read it now. Thanks for sharing a new book!

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  6. This sounds like a great read! It is always difficult dealing with loss. Especially for young adult or middle grade readers, it can be helpful reading about somebody else - real or fictitious, and how they deal with these issues. Great review!

  7. My heart sank at reading that Aubrey had been abandoned. Great review. :) I have a thing for abandonment or neglect or favoritism issues so I'll check this book out.

  8. Hi Jess, I was trying to leave a comment on a previous post but couldn't make it work. Also had problems on this post (hence the deleted comment) probably me! This book sounds wonderful I will be getting a copy.

  9. This book sounds truly wonderful...I love starting and finishing a book in a day...

  10. @Trey- I agree that it is a book that can help a lot of people.

    @Fairday and Elaine- It is such a great book and Aubrey is so easy to connect to that I am sure you will both like this one!

    @Jennifer- You are right. Hopefully this book will help kids deal with these difficult topics.

    @Claudine- My heart broke for Aubrey. She really goes through a lot. Being abandoned on top of her other losses is so sad. I agree with you and do not like favoritism at all! Thank goodness for Aubrey's grandmother.

    @Barbara- Thanks for letting us know about the problem posting. I think Blogger was having a problem yesterday (or Safari). Hope you will enjoy this book! It is great.

    @Patty- It is a wonderful book. It is the best when a book can be read in one day. So fun!

  11. This book sounds like a book my cousin would love. Her birthday is coming up and I think I will get this for her since she probably hasn't read it yet. Great review.

  12. @Flex- What a great birthday gift for your cousin!


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