Friday, January 13, 2012

Margo's Musings... Bye, Bye Balloon by Ryan SanAngelo

Since my little sister, Margo, likes everything to be about her (she loves to announce her presence by belting out, "ME!"whenever she enters a room or someone new pops into sight- it's completely hilarious) Lizzy and I thought it would be cool to give her a post on my blog- so...

Here's what Margo's musing about these days..

Bye, Bye Balloon by Ryan SanAngelo and illustrated by Sean Boyce
Margo was completely enraptured as she floated away with the blue balloon. Her eyes grew wide and her giggles quiet, as the page turned and it flew over the Statue of Liberty. The balloon soared over the Eiffel Tower and the Sphinx in Egypt. Margo listened as hard as she could. Her squeals of joy marked Spain as her favorite place to visit. The running bulls put her right over the top. My mom has been taking her on blue balloon's journey every night for the past week. I really like to listen when she reads it. The story is such a cool reflection of what makes people so special and how big and small the world is at the same time- we all share the same amazing story... it's a really cool book!

Ryan SanAngelo is also the author of Spaghetti Eddie, which is a really fun book! When I was Margo's age, my dad took over reading it to me because he liked the story so much. He even got me a signed copy, which has a special place in my personal library.

My autographed copy of Spaghetti Eddie!

Here's a little about Ryan: 
Ryan SanAngelo grew up in both Beacon Falls and Southbury, CT. The Pomperaug High graduate received his B.A. in Media Communications at Western CT State University in December 2000. As a sophomore in college, Ryan tooka Children’s Literature class as an elective. Little did he know at the time that class would change his life. The final project called for the students to write their own stories. As a result, Ryan wrote A Boy Named Eddie, Who Shared His Spaghetti. After having his story rejected by a handful of publishers, Ryan’s parents urged him to take a one night class called How To Get Published. Taking the class was an excellent idea, as that’s where Ryan met Clay Winters, president of Boyds Mills Press, a Highlights Co. A week or so after handing Clay his story, Ryan received a call that the publisher was interested in his story. Boyds Mills Press eventually published the book in 2002, renaming it “Spaghetti Eddie.” The illustrations were provided by the amazingly talented Jackie Urbanovic, who made the book look better than Ryan could have ever imagined. Since the book’s publication, Ryan has conducted author visits at venues throughout New England and beyond. He has delighted audiences with his charismatic performances showcasing both his book, his discussions, and his lively and colorful music. In 2011 Ryan published his 2nd book, Bye Bye Balloon, under his own company Little King Press.

Watch the trailer for Bye, Bye Balloon

Click here to purchase a copy of either of these wonderful books!


  1. Both books look wonderful and the artwork is very attractive. I love how you're giving your little sister her 'cameo' on your blog!


  2. I love the first book! It sounds amazing.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. I wasn't aware of either of these but I'll have to check them out for my daughter. Thanks for the suggestions. :)

  4. I love Margo! I think I will take a leaf out of her book and shout ‘ME’ every time I enter a room – can you imagine the looks I would get? Both books are new to me so I will be checking them out.

  5. Oh my gosh--I think I've seen him on TV. Those look awesome! :0)

  6. There wasn't a trailer for the book- I clicked on the link and it didn't go to one either. Maybe Internet Explorer is having problems.

    I think Spaghetti Eddie looks great- I love spaghetti so I would probably like this book. The author looks like a fun guy.

  7. @Claudine- You will enjoy both books. They are clever!

    @Megan- Bye, Bye Balloon is a fun book- it makes me want to travel!

    @Kelly- I bet your daughter will enjoy them- they are so fun!

    @Barbara- If it works for you like it does for Margo- you will be surrounded by books! :) These are both fantastic reads.

    @Elisa- You may have seen him on tv- he is quite entertaining and so are his books!

    @Trey- Thanks for letting me know. I will see what I can do about the trailer. Spaghetti Eddie is a great book! Oh- and the author is hilarious. He loves to sing and make up songs!

  8. I never read Bye Bye Balloon- but I did read Spaghetti Eddie last year. It is a fun book. My teacher had us write a story about our favorite food after we read it. I picked pizza.


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