Saturday, December 17, 2011

The DMS Wants to Know!

In the spirit of the season, Lizzy and I have decided that it would be nice to talk about the magic of gift giving. But, not just any gift. The book, The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell inspired us to think about what you could give that doesn't cost anything. This simple story talk about how love and friendship can be the greatest gift of all. So....

The DMS wants to know...
If you could give a gift to someone that you can't buy in a store, but rather something that you can grant- such as: time, love, peace, generosity, love, friendship, etc. to one special person, what would you give to them and why?

We'll tell you our thoughts, if your tell us yours!

Since its publication in 2005, The Gift of Nothing has become an instant classic. In this appealing picture book, Mooch the cat searches for a present for his friend, Earl the dog. Earl already has everything he needs: a bowl, a bed, a chewy toy...What else could Mooch get him? Then it dawns on him: NOTHING! This timeless tale has a heart-warming message about the most valuable gift of all--friendship! 


  1. I have never read this book- but it looks cute. I would give my mom the gift of time. She is always so busy and stressed out running from place to place. If she could have more time she could get everything done and relax. I am going to go unload the dishwasher right now- maybe that will be a start and I can give her 5 minutes (but I think she needs like 24 hours or more).

  2. My teacher read us this book. It is great. I would give my grandma the gift of friendship because she is alone in her house and I bet she gets lonely sometimes. I can't wait to see her over the holidays!

  3. THE GIFT OF NOTHING sounds like a cool picture book!

    When it comes to friends and family, I can grant time, love, patience and generosity. I can grant honesty and kindness. Heck, I can grant a simple 'like' or a kind word over FB or Twitter any day. You're right: it doesn't cost us anything!


  4. I would give the gift of confidence to my best friend. He always doubts himself and he shouldn't.

  5. My Uncle is always sort of unhappy-he complains about life a lot and constantly looks at the down side of things. I would grant him peace. I think that if he could be at peace with the way things are and see everything as it truly is, he would realize that it's all not so bad. ~ F

  6. I love that thought, and I think I would gift health to my mum. She has trouble with her back, and more

  7. Thank you for such a thought-provoking post and the reminder that gifts are not things but kindness in our words and actions.

  8. I loved reading all of the great answers. So nice to see everyone thinking of really nice gifts.

    I would give the gift of health to my granmda. She is sick and has to take a lot of medicine. I know she would be happy to be healthier because then she could do things that she wants to without a problem.

  9. I would give the gift of true listening. I would go to a place where there are tons of older people and just sit and hold a hand or two and listen.

    I love this post!!!

  10. @ Patty- Great idea to give the gift of listening! SO few people listen anymore!

    @Blodeuedd- Good health is so important!


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