Saturday, December 10, 2011

The DMS Wants To Know!

A perfect time to consider the possibilities for this weeks question~ though I'll add that the power is definitely on, and everything is working : )

The DMS want to know...What is your favorite thing to do during a snow day? 

We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours!

Happy Saturday Everyone! ~ F


  1. Fave snow day activity?
    Staying inside...fires...
    Reading...all day long!!!

  2. This is a great question, but I live in CA, and our snow days are once in twenty years. I'll have to answer with, "If I ever have a snow day I'll curl up by the fire and read and read and read."

    Thanks for visiting the Write Game. Always appreciate people who drop in to say hi.

  3. I love going sledding. It is so much fun to whip down the hill! Then I like to have a huge mug of hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream. I sit by the fireplace and read!

  4. I've never experienced a snow day, pity! But I imagine one day, when I do, I hope to sit in a cozy cafe, enjoy a hot mocha and watch the snow scene (with a notebook in front of me, of course).


  5. First of all- I love snow days. It is the best finding out that school is closed in the morning. I like to sleep in and then play in the snow. I like sledding a lot and ice skating, too. After fun in the snow I must have hot chocolate and I like to read or play a board game. It is a lazy, but fun day!

  6. Staying in pjs reading would be my ideal snow day. But usually shoveling is necessary.

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SNOW DAYS! Nothing is better than waking up, seeing the snow, and then seeing your school on the "closed list". The whole day is unexpected and wide open! All of the things you guys talked about are all possible! My favorite thing, after recovering from the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that it's definitely a snow day, I like to get on my snow clothes and walk outside in the new snow. It's so magical how sparkly, white everything is, and how crisp and frosty the air feels to breath. Then, GAME ON! ~ F

  8. I am a huge fan of snow days! There are so many reasons to love them. I get so excited waiting to hear if school will be cancelled. Once I know for sure I immediately go back to sleep! After sleeping in I go downstairs, eat breakfast, and read. Then- once I am awake I put all my snow gear on and head outside. I think it is so wonderful not knowing exactly what I am going to do. Sled? Make snow angels? Build a snowman? Write in the snow? Skate? The possibilities are endless- and that is my FAVORITE part. Anything can happen. Plus, I love getting cozy by the fire when the day is done. Bring on the snow days!

  9. I LOVE when school is closed. I love to play video games and also go outside and play. I mostly like to sled outside.

  10. Awesome comments everyone! For those of you that have snow days you shared a lot of great ideas. For those of you that don't have them- I guess you are lucky to ahve nice weather! :)


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