Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 20th Annual Children's Book Fair!

So, the children's book fair was really great! Grace Lin's presentation was very interesting and definitely had a touch of magic to it. Where the Mountain meets the Moon is one of my new favorite books- the stories that the main character, Minli, experiences throughout the book have a classic fairy tale feel and definitely spark the imagination....

Inside the children's book fair
The Old Man In The Moon
(From Where The Mountain Meets The Moon)
Newbery Award Winner
Once there was a magistrate who was quite powerful and proud. He was so proud that he demanded constant respect from the people. Whenever he made a trip out of the city, no matter what time of day or night, people were to leave their homes, get on their knees, and make deep bows as he passed, or else face the brutal punishment of his soldiers. The Magistrate was fierce in his anger as well as his pride. It is said he even expected the monkeys to come down from the trees to bow to him. The Magistrate was harsh with his subordinates, ruthless to his enemies, and pitiless to his people. All feared his wrath, and when he roared his orders the people trembled. Behind his back, they called him Magistrate Tiger...

Click here for Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

Authors Stephanie Robinson & Jessica Haight with Newbery Award Winner, Grace Lin

~ For prosperity, health, or peace throughout the year- great part of Grace Lin's  presentation ~

Stephanie Robinson & Award-Winning Author, Sarah Weeks: Click to view the book Pie


  1. What an awesome day! It is so exciting to meet authors, hear them talk, and buy new books!!! :)

  2. I read The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin and it was great. I learned a lot and I liked the story. That is cool that you got to meet her. I have not read Pie yet- but it looks like a good book and I love pie. :) I hope I can go to the fair next year.

  3. Just the kind of day I enjoy, thank's for sharing. Love the autumn colour in your first 'photo

  4. Thanks! It was a beautiful and fun day!

  5. Was this the fair in CT? There was one here very similar t o this I wanted to go to sooo bad but did not find out about until it was too late :(

  6. The fair was in CT. I hate when I find out about events like this when it is too late! I hope you get to go next year to the one near you! :)


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