Monday, June 6, 2011

A Spooky Riddle: Submitted by S.E.!

S.E. sent in another great riddle, and it is hard!
Take a look and give it a try. ~F

You cannot see me, though I whisper in your ear. I am both dead and alive each passing year. You scream and run, try to hide, but it's all for not, I'm at your side. These small clues should get you by, so now I ask, what am I ?

Can't wait to hear all the guesses! Thanks S.E.

Check back later if you need to get a clue...


  1. Hmmm. I'm thinking sound? Or shadow?

    I might need a clue!

  2. I keep thinking ghost, but I know that's not right. Tricky riddle!

  3. Bad Memories? Trey, I was thinking a ghost too-

  4. Great guesses out there, but no one's gotten it yet- S.E. sent in a really good riddle!

  5. Great guesses guys! I think I've got it! Ghosts could be the answer for some people... Is it fear? Or whatever you are really afraid of? Love this riddle! It really made me think! Can't wait to find out if I'm right. :)


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