Thursday, April 7, 2011

Invisible Message

F- Today in science Mrs. Pettigrew showed us how we can write in invisible ink. There are 2 different ways and I am going to try them both out, to see which one works the best. I will write you 2 different letters and I will mail them using snail mail on different days (that way you have time to decode them and they won't get messed up being in the same envelope). They will both say something different and important about the new case- so you will have to work carefully. I am so excited to see if you will be able to read them! This might be my favorite way of communicating! Science rocks! (So does the DMS). :) I am off to write my 1st message. *Hint- use the blacklight for it. As soon as you figure out the message let me know. I wonder if there are other ways to write in invisible ink or if there are ways to make it work any better... SO COOL!!! TTYL- ~l


  1. Lizzy that is so awesome! I can't wait to get them. I know Marcus is going to want to help figure them out. Speaking of the new case, you are not going to believe what I found in the Begonia House! Well, I'm off to finish homework, ugh! ttyl- F

  2. That does sound awesome! Fairday, can you bring those letters into school when you get them? I'll definitely help figure them out, sounds cool! What's with your new case? You two are always up to something. Later..M

  3. You bet! I just got them in the mail this morning! I will bring them into school tomorrow and we can solve them together. It's going to be hard to wait though! The DMS is meeting this weekend, maybe you can come by : )
    ttyl- F


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