Sunday, December 18, 2011

DMS's all in a name...

Clipped out of a newspaper from 1965, this article from the ASHPOT WEEKLY exposes the death of Thurston Begonia, the renowned, reclusive adventurer. His mysterious death captivated the residents of Ashpot, CT for some time. Hidden in this article there is a piece of the puzzle that fits into the mystery of the Begonia House. Can you guess what the clue in the article is? (Read the first seven chapters online to try to figure it out: Up The Spiral Staircase) Comment below to let the DMS know what you have found!


Thurston Begonia, a well-known world adventurer and collector of rare antiquities, was found dead yesterday afternoon after falling more than thirty feet from the third floor balcony of his home. Sources say the details surrounding his death are puzzling. Initially, it was believed that he had taken his own life. However, after further investigation, officials have concluded that homicide cannotbe ruled out. Police arrived at the scene at approximately 5 p.m. after receiving an anonymous phone call that Thurston Begonia's life was in danger. Sergeant Wilkenson, the officer who found Mr. Begonia’s body, stated, “It was a terrible sight, like something out of a nightmare.” Local residents describe Mr. Begonia as being a reclusive, mysterious loner. Bigford Mason, local grocer and deli owner, told police, “Ever since Thurston’s daughter, Ruby, disappeared on the day of her wedding, he’s been locked up tight in that old house. No one’s seen him since.” Ashpot residents remain baffled by the Begonia family’s ongoing misfortunes, as detectives continue to search for more clues that may help solve this shocking case.  continued on pg.37 

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  1. I alas again have no clue but that fence looks so much like the cover of a book I have recently read...I think it was 666 Park Avenue?

    I am typically not good at these but I love them all...


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