Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday's Riddle! An Angel's Muse...

Okay everyone, here we go again! ~ F

When the strings of my heart are plucked in time, heavenly music will surly chime. Sought from a loom or a hunter's bow, I resonate vibrations both high and low. With an angel's voice, I can calm the beast. On my golden notes, your soul will feast. I am beautiful and grand as you will see, when you figure out what it is that I might be.

What am I?

Check back later if you need to get a clue...


  1. It could be a harp or maybe a piano?

  2. I'd say a harp! good one!

  3. I am, at this very moment, listening to my daughter play the harp. :) It is interesting to hear what your words portray.
    Great riddle.

  4. My first thought was harp – but the words “I am beautiful and grand as you will see” make me think it might be a grand piano.


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