Saturday, November 26, 2011

The DMS Wants to Know!

I LOVE this question- I think about it all the time ~ F

The DMS wants to know...
If you could have one of the following superpowers, which would it be? And, why?

  • Ability to fly
  • Invisibility
  • Immortality (live forever)
  • Telekinesis (move things with you mind)
  • Telepathy (read people's thoughts) 
Lizzy and I have both thought long and hard about which power we would we choose. We'll tell you ours, if you tell us yours! Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts on this! 


  1. I would want to be invisible so I could hide when I don't feel like being bothered. I would also like being able to eavesdrop- which I know is bad, but it would be fun. Lastly, I could do a lot of things for free! I could go to the movies, on rollercoasters and lots more!

  2. Hard to choose! BUT, I would definitely want to have telekinesis- It would be sooooo cool to move things with my mind. I try to do it all the time...hasn't worked yet! lol-

  3. Ability to fly - mostly because it would be fun and save on gas :) I'd never want to be able to read people's thought's because there are some things that are better left alone. People get along better when there's some privacy.

  4. Definitely invisibility. For one, I don't mind being or doing things on my own, there is a comfort in solitude and private contemplation. And for another, you learn a lot more when people do not know you can hear them (or understand). I grew up trilingual and learned a few more languages along the way and its amazing what people will say right in front of you when they think they don't speak their language-- they pretty much act like you are invisible.

  5. After cleaning up the yard after that freak October snowstorm, I'd have to say telekinesis. A headache is better than a backache any day!

  6. I would love to move things with my mind. It would be awesome to rearrange my room. Chores would be Much faster. I would probably be better at sports too! Lol

  7. I was just talking to my husabnd about this AS I OPENED YOUR BLOG LOL!!!! Crazy timing *still giggling*

    I vote for flying because I went skydiving and now I dream about it all of the time. I probably wouldn't be good at saving anyone though. I'd be too excited about flying above the mountains. (Suckiest superhero EVER)

    My husband votes for Telekenesis (since he LOVES Magneto). :0)

  8. It is SO hard to choose, but I think it would be really the absolute tops if I could fly. I can remember how to do it in my dreams, but never when I wake I just imagine that, like when you float in a pool (how your body naturally knows what to do- that feeling in your stomach), that's how it would be when you lift off. How amazing would it be to soar through the sky and flit around through the trees. And, what a fantastic perspective you would gain of the world around you. It would be a great adventure!

  9. P. S. I featured this post on my blog today :0) Here's that link:

  10. I want to live forever but not get old. Do you think I will be able to?

    I am a believer in

  11. I love all these interesting answers! Thanks so much Elisa for featuring us on your blog! Yeah!

  12. Well this is a question that I love to think about. Since I don't need the power to fly- lol- I will go with telekinesis. That skill could come in really handy. I could get ready so much faster in the morning if I could make the items I need come to me, or pack themselves into my lunchbox, etc. Also- I could get out of a jam really fast- because the people around me would be so distracted by the items that were moving around- as if by magic. So fun!


  13. Greg- Great point- I could use my mental abilities to rake and shovel. Maybe even to mow the lawn!

  14. OK, I can answer this by process of elimination...

    Ability to fly - No way. I'm not partial to heights.

    Immortality (live forever) - Since time has a definitive beginning, it must also have an end, so this one is impossible. Couple that with the fact that you alone would be immortal and that's a recipe for a lot of heartbreak.

    Telekinesis (move things with you mind) - Tempting, but ultimately useless on a day to day level.

    Telepathy (read people's thoughts) - Absolutely NOT! That's a curse, not a power.

    Therefore the only answer is invisibility. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please without ever being detected, would save you a lot to time and money and would come in handy virtually every second of every day.Invisibility for the win!

  15. This was fun to think about! I would want to be invisible. I would love to be able to go places without people detecting me. Plus, I would feel a little bit like Harry Potter!

  16. Invisibility - oh, that would come in handy in sooooo many situations!

  17. Ability to fly: so I could ‘pop’ over to visit family in Australia whenever I felt like it.

    Invisibility: so I could board a flight and fly 1st class to see family in Australia.

    Telekinesis: so I could bring the family from Australia to the UK.

    Telepathy: so I could work out what my family in Australia are thinking.

    Immortality (live forever) I don’t think my family in Australia would like that very much – do you?

  18. I would love to have telekinesis--moving things around...imagine how easy it would be to vacuum the house and do the laundry! :-)

  19. I can't get over all the fabulous reasons for picking each super power! Love hearing these!


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