Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle! To Scared to Sleep!

Well, you guys guessed right! The Legend of Sleepy Hallow is the classic tale, and the person telling the story is Ichabod Crane. I love this story! I always visualize the Jack O' Lantern that I carve for Halloween to be the Headless Horseman's head. ~ F

A swirling murder of the blackest crows, sets to flight as the howling wind blows.
Hardest darkness revolves around, the road and woods make not a sound. A bridge ahead, I see a light, a lantern's flame that burns so bright. I gallop my horse, then come to a cross. The horse rears up and slips on some moss. I gather the reigns, and pull them in tight. I clear out my head and focus my sight.
The fear in my heart pounds in my chest, as I ride straight ahead and over a crest. A monster behind, chasing me down. Coming to get me and cut off my crown. For, it's a head that he seeks to replace his own. Now, I must flee, or, at last, atone. He's there, I know, I can feel his stench. I start to shake, I start to wrench. I push my steed. "Faster!" I say. He picks up his pace, and we race away. I canter over the rotting wood, hoping beyond hope that the boards are still good. I make it across and look back to see if the demon man is still after me. Yes, he's there, watching me back. From the other side he can't attack. He doesn't move forward or cross over the bridge, instead he rears up and tosses his head. Fiery eyes, and mouth a flame, the soaring Jack O' Lantern ends the game. The headless horseman howls in strife, stealing away without taking my life.

From whose perspective is this story told? Ichabod Crane.
What classic tale inspired this interpretation? The Legend of Sleepy Hallow by Washington Irving


  1. What a cool cover! I guess I should read this!

  2. Awesome pictures, Fairday. Love the cover! I knew I was right! :) Great choice- and fun, as always.

  3. I missed this week's riddle- but I love this story. It is creepy and scary- but I still like it. :)


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