DMS Reviews

"I loved the opening chapters of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow, and was immediately captivated by the characters. The writing is great and very accessible. I'm sure children and young adults will love it." Jenny Nimmo, Author of Midnight for Charlie Bone

"I absolutely love this book! The writing is terrific; the pacing is perfect; the characters are well-conceived and fleshed out; and all I want to do is keep reading!" Gina Shaw, Editorial Director, Original Book Publishing for Scholastic Book Clubs

"4 STARS! If you are looking for a normal, mundane, every day type of who-dunnit, then you are in the wrong place. Authors Haight and Robinson have shrewdly written a mystery guaranteed to entice its young readers. The character of Fairday is friendly, curious, eager to learn, and audacious. The way she thinks and reacts to the people and events around her make Fairday a terrific role model for today's kids. Littered throughout the book are several illustrations to help readers envision Fairday's surroundings more easily. Each chapter has a title, hinting at things to come. As the reader, I found my attention hooked immediately. I am always impressed by a story that grabs me quickly. The plot moves along at a good pace. Clues and spooky events slowly build up suspense. Eventually the paranormal enters the story, making it even more irresistible. Move over Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys! The Detective Mystery Squad is stepping into the spotlight. Fantastic!" Detra Fitch, HUNTRESS REVIEWS 

"I fell in love with the characters in this book from page one. Fairday and her family are unique, entertaining, and completely believable. I enjoyed getting to know Fairday, her family, Lizzy and the kids in Fairday's new school. The mystery and suspense is perfect for young readers (and even older ones like me). The writing flows and I never had to re-read or pause to figure out what was going on. I love that the story is easy to read and understand and yet written in such a way that kids ages 10 through teen will enjoy the story, the characters and the adventure. I am anxious to see what happens next! The story ends perfectly with a mystery solved, yet with more adventure and mystery yet to come! Excellent job! A definite 4.5 stars from this book lover!" Susan Milby, Loves 2 Read, Book Blog Reviewer

"Eleven-year-old Fairday Morrow has low expectations when her parents decide to move from Manhattan to Ashpot, Connecticut--all because her mom feels that renovating a nasty old house will boost her design career. For a budding detective, however, the old Begonia House proves to be a gold mine. Fairday immediately finds herself immersed in the old mysteries of the home. With her sidekick, best friend, and fellow DMS (Detective Mystery Squad) member, Lizzy, plus new recruit Marcus, Fairday sets out to discover the secrets of the padlocked room on the third floor and what it might have to do with the possible murder of the previous owner and the disappearance of his daughter on her wedding day--twenty years before that! Young readers will devour this book, which has all the ingredients insatiable bibliovores seek out:  a creepy old house, mysterious rooms and sinister furniture, ancient secrets, scary portraits with moving eyes, magic, curses, clues, intrepid characters, silly parents, and much more! The fast pace and action keep the pages flying, and there are plenty of thrills along the way. Highly recommended for those who dare--ages 8 & up." Mary Reilly, A Book A Day, Book Blog Reviewer 

"I LOVED this book! The characters are all complimentary and endearing. The writing keeps you in suspense and wondering what is going to happen. Just like in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Series... it all made sense and was revealed in the end... which is what makes her books, and this book enticing. The wording and figurative language used is FANTASTIC! The well-placed, enriching words will help to develop young readers’ vocabulary. There are so many great teaching points regarding word choice, figurative language, and voice in this book. I want to be a part of the DMS... I want to solve a riddle... and I want to explore the many enchantments of the Begonia House!" Kristen Yoder, Elementary School Teacher, Indiana, USA

"The book is about a girl named Fairday Morrow who goes to live in a house that she doesn't really want to go live in, because she's moving away from her friends in Manhattan. The house is in Connecticut, and is really creepy and old.

After they get to the house, they find a mirror. When she first sees it, she thinks she sees a pair of ruby red high-heeled sneakers disappearing behind a door in the mirror. She invites her friend Lizzy over to spend the weekend. They try to solve a mystery surrounding the Begonia House, by gathering clues, like a hairbrush with a strand of hair, and a picture with writing on the back.

One day, when Fairday is babysitting her little sister Magro, Margo crawls into the mirror. Fairday pulls her out and she's holding a ruby red high heeled sneaker. This adds to the mystery of the Begonia house, and gives them another clue.

She interviews Larry Lovell, who is an old guy who used to be a reporter and knows a lot about the house. After that, many strange things happen. I won't give it away, but it's an interesting mystery with lots of magic and suspense. He gives it five out of five flaming monkey heads... read more!" Young Reader, Christian 

(Really, what's cooler than 5 flaming monkey heads? :)

"The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow is a book which should not be missed!  An amazing book written by a pair of amazing writers. This book is primarily aimed towards 5th graders but everyone who loves a good mystery will love this story. I would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to authors Stephanie Robinson and Jessica Haight for giving my 10 year old son a copy of this book to share with his 5th grade class.  I read the book before giving it to him to bring to school (I absolutely LOVE children's books). He will be writing his own review along with his class when they finish the book.  

Now to explain about a BEYOND 5 STAR REVIEW. Given to a book that goes beyond the regular 5 star rating.  It excelled in every aspect. The writing was incredible, the illustrations were perfect- they added to the story without becoming overwhelming. The book captures the interest of the reader from the beginning and holds it until the very end. I did not want this book to finish. I felt a sense of loss when I turned the last page only to discover the book had ended. Please, Please, Please write more adventures for the DMS.   

One thing I must mention, visit the website that accompanies the book. Fairday Morrow is the main character of the story. If you visit the website, you will discover contests to win books and a weekly riddle to figure out. Do you have what it takes to be a member of the DMS?" Donna Lawrence/ Lucas Lawrence, Kids N' BooksBook Lovers Paradise, Book Blog Reviewers

"The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow is beautifully written and delightfully engaging. The story is quite mysteriously mischievous and easy to follow. Middle graders will love these characters. They are all quite interesting. I love Fairday and her baby sister Margo. I love her best buddy Lizzy and new friend Marcus. And their adventure was spot on.

Fairday's family moves to a new house that is old and unique. It has lots of hidden rooms and one amazing mirror that leads them to an amazing adventure. Some surprising adventures involve an unusual pair of sparkly high heeled sneakers and a wardrobe that follows directions. Add these to the plight of the unlovely Ruby Begonia (prior resident of Begonia House) and you have good clean scary fun and a great adventure. Oh...I can't forget a very nasty willow tree and a very mean gypsy and bagpipes... scary good fun... I won't tell you any more- this has to be an adventure that awaits you! I also loved the messages to bullies within this was done perfectly. The authors did a beautiful job.

This was a really cool book...I am hoping there is more from the DMS. That would be the Detective Mystery Squad. They are just too good at solving mysteries!" 
Donna Lawrence/ Lucas Lawrence, Kids N' BooksBook Lovers Paradise, Book Blog Reviewers

"Fairday Morrow is a twelve-year-old girl who has just moved to Ashpot, Connecticut, leaving her city life of New York behind, which includes her best friend Lizzy. Having a hard time adapting to her new life, Fairday decides to battle her boredom by searching around her new home. Lizzy and Fairday have a detective group called the DMS - Detective Mystery Squad. Fairday thinks if she were to find anything interesting, it would be a good excuse to invite Lizzy over for an investigation.

Once Fairday discovers several clues leading to… something, she can’t wait for Lizzy to visit so they can both investigate. After weeks of more boredom, dealing with school (at which she makes a brand new friend and member of the DMS, Marcus Brocket, and also a new adversary, Dif), and working through more investigations on her own, Fairday finally reaches the day of Lizzy’s arrival.

Marcus, Lizzy, and Fairday all set out on an adventure throughout Fairday’s house on the third floor… the floor of all the mysteries. Several things don’t make sense… a hairbrush, an odd photo, moving hair… what do all these things mean?

Ms. Jessica Haight and Ms. Stephanie Robinson answer all these questions and more, adding a unique twist to the story and keeping me guessing till the end. This was a wonderful, easy read and I recommend it to not just middle-graders, but to readers of all ages." Review by mom & daughter book blogger: Michele & Mckenzie (Katertot) Swindle A Belle’s Tales

"Aimed at American middle grade readers (10-13 years old), as an older, much older reader, I was surprised by just how much I found myself enjoying The Secret DMS (Detective Mystery Squad) Files of (11 year old) Fairday Morrow. 

Creatively and intelligently written, I found myself instantly engaged in the adventures of Fairday, Lizzy, and, latest recruit, Marcus 'Brocket the Rocket'

Delighted that the authors had such a strong and entertaining female lead in Fairday, as opposed to the more typical (perhaps expected) male, though I liked all of the characters, I especially liked her spirit and wonderful sense of adventure.

Looking forward to reading more of the exploits of Fairday and friends, I think this first book would make a wonderful movie.

Keep it or not: Definitely one for the shelves." ~ Review by Tracy Terry (Petty Witter) Pen & Paper