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Thanks to I Am A Reader for hosting the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop. We're giving away a signed hardcover edition of The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow, which creeps onto bookshelves everywhere December 1st. To celebrate, we're also giving away a $100 gift card to an independent bookstore of the winner's choice to those who pre-order the book. 

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"I bid you hello! I'm Mystrella, your webby hostess, and I'm here to show you around the monster fair. The gates are open, and there are tricks and treats to be found at every turn. So stick with me, and you're sure to find a thrill."

Mystrella: Now, here's a dear friend of mine. Pumpkin's always happy to show people around her neighborhood. If you're looking to check out a few bone chilling addresses, take a trip to Halloween Town. You won't be sorry you did, if you make it back that is."

Great Pumpkin: Well me lovelies, I hear yeh wish ta court some monsters. Being the season of scare, I'm cookin' up a twist, servin' yeh the inside scoop. Grab yer wits and come on a trip inta me neighborhood. La ti da! 

Click here to go to Halloween Town
Mystrella: Ah, it's Ferry Blackwell. He's sure to be stirring up trouble. Let's stop in to see what's cooking.

Ferry Blackwell: Mistress Mystrella! A delicious sight! Come, dine with me tonight. I've some little candies that'll make you shudder, a pinch of this and a tad of butter. No? Too shy? Such a pity. If your friends have the time, I've a story that's witty.

Click here to read Ferry Blackwell's story- if you dare. Mwahahaha.

Mystrella: Watch out! I see the gypsy, Eldrich. Keep your heads, and be careful what you wish for.

Eldrich: Hello dearies. So nice to see you, and you're just in time for the Faerie Market. You'll need a banana and your imagination to proceed. If you're lacking, I can provide, at a price of course! Now gaze into my crystal ball and transport yourself into the magic.

Click here to visit the Faerie Market 

Mystrella: I've had a frightfully good time showing you around the monster fair, and if we've entertained you at all, please share the fun with a friend. :)

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