Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Answer to Monday's Riddle: A Pinch More...

Great job, Riddlers! For those of you who haven't heard, I'm Mr. Morrow, Fairday's dad, and I'll be hosting the blog this week. Instead of a book review, I'll be featuring a recipe from The Recipe Hacker.

We heated up the kitchen last night, cooking up a storm, and I'm looking forward to sharing our experience with all of you! Friday, we'll be chatting with Diana Keuilian, author of The Recipe Hacker, and we'll see if we can peel away a few more culinary secrets! See you in the kitchen. ; ) ~ Mr. Morrow

Collected words tell the brew, and they can show you what to do. Weaving flavors on a dish, you might need mushrooms or some fish. It all depends upon your palate, you could use garlic or perhaps a shallot. Follow me, and you'll make it right, but don't discount your own insight. Vibrant colors mix with smells, and you'll listen in for dings and bells. There's so many flavors for you to use; I'm the means by which you'll choose.

What am I? Answer: A Recipe!

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  1. Great riddle! And now craving mushrooms and shallots :)

  2. It always seems so obvious once you reveal the answer, lol. Another great riddle!

  3. I am getting a bit better at these... I will back for the recipe xox

  4. I feel like a kid visiting your post. Can't get enough of them riddles!

  5. I saw this yesterday and I think in a recipe but was a crazy day!
    I love mushrooms and garlic! Sounds yum!

  6. Man, I suck at these. I love mushrooms and garlic (especially mixed mushrooms).

  7. Oh YEAH!
    I thought I had it with the book you were going to review, in this case use a recipe from, but I look forward to reading about a delicious recipe (:

  8. Thanks for the answer! And I look forward to seeing this recipe because I am always looking for new and interesting things to make for myself :3

  9. Ha. Nice, Jess! I always love your riddles. Such a clever idea. :)


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