Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Answer to Monday's Riddle! The Stars Above...

Stars or Stardust! That's it! ~ F

From the dark heavens they flicker in sight, 
sparkling life with traveling light.
Dust and clouds that constantly boil
send their elements to feed the soil.
If all you are is what they give, 
then all that is will always live

What are they? Answer: Stars- Stardust


  1. I love these pictures, so beautiful!

  2. The video with the hubble pics is really amazing! Thanks Donna! ~ F

  3. Oh gosh I love those pictures!

  4. Love these photos...engrossing...

  5. Great post,I love those Hubble pictures - space is amazing. Enjoyed the poem too.

    (By the way, the heroine of my first novel, Starquest is called 'Jess' and I used several pictures from the Hubble site to promote the book.)

    Thanks so much for visiting my Blog.

  6. Glad everyone loved the pictures. The universe is SO amazing!

    Hywela- That is so cool that your heroine is named Jess and you used Hubble images to promote! Love that! :)


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