Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Favorites!

I absolutely LOVE Halloween, so I thought it would be fun to share my top five favorite things about this hair-raising holiday : ) And, here they are: 

#5. The red, yellow, orange and brown colors everywhere.
#4. The crisp, fall sky. 
#3. Really creative, spooky Halloween decorations and costumes

Finally, my number 1 favorite thing about Halloween is...

#1. Scary Stories!

Here's a snippet from a ghost story that I have always loved reading. I have read and imagined it endlessly. 

The Lady of Finnigan's Hearth by Parke Godwin. 

Marty had gone to work. Isolde stood in the middle of the living room and raised her voice. "Wake, House of Finnigan! A word with you."
      The house stirred and came alive. The furniture dented and flexed itself as if supporting a body, the curtains rustled, the furnace groaned. Floors and stairs creaked with the memory of a million footsteps, and out of all of these, came the voice: "What do you want?"
     "Obedience." Isolde snapped, "for I am your mistress now, and you'll bend to my wish and the power of my broom. Hold your roof high and gallant, as if you cost twice the gold he paid, and let no one say that Marty Finnigan's a poor man." 
     "I hear you," sighed the house, "but, it won't work."
     "And why not?"
     "Because it's not real," said the house. "I need love, not spells. There is no love in you and nothing real."
    "He knows I love him,"
    "Words," said the house. "But the belfry told the wind that the candles broke and the Book burned on the alter where you married him." 
    "And so I can burn you," she threatened, "if your warped temper runs against my wish. Mind, you do as I say!"
    The furnace rattled violently. "I will do as you say," and the voice began to fade, "but it will only seem...not be..."
    "Enough, then," Isolde commanded. "House-be clean!"
    There was a rush of a great vacuum that swept every particle of dust from the floor, a flapping and rustling as the curtains and rigs shook out their lint, the swish of a hundred invisible brushes and dust rags rubbing and slapping the dust from the woodwork, books, and cranny corners. In the kitchen, last night's dishes washed and dried themselves, sailing gracefully from the sink into the cupboard- and the immaculate house was quiet again. 

I would love to hear other people's 5 favorite things about Halloween and hear any spooky stories that you really like and want to share. The blog, I Love Books is having an awesome Halloween Bash. Everyday in the month of October a new tale of terror is posted. So far, there have been some great stories posted, some really scary too! I always like to give myself a fright, even if it's just a little one, every day of October for fun, so click here and be transported to I Love Books Blog for a Halloween thrill...  


  1. Hello, I don't really celebrate Halloween over here in Singapore, but I was thinking of Edgar Allan Poe's THE BLACK CAT when I read your post. I do like spooky tales, too!

  2. HI! i got a aghost story at a book fair this year. It's name is "Dark Souls" by Paula Morris. Author of "Ruined?" I've never read Ruined but dark souls was a great book! two thing i love about halloween is the costumes and the candy!



  3. Great link to the Hallowen Bash- lots of scary stories!

    My favorite things about this time of year are:
    5. Leaves 4. Costumes 3. Decorations 2. Scary stories 1. CANDY!!!!

  4. Fun posting! You picked a great story Fairday! I absolutely love this time of year for so many reasons:
    5. Scary stories always give me a thrill and put me in the Halloween spirit.
    4. Decorations are so fun to look at- some are scary and some are cute.
    3. Costumes- I can be anyone depending on my mood.
    2. The trees and colored leaves blowing in the wind make me feel like pumpkin picking!
    1. Candy- I can't believe we get this stuff for free on Halloween night. It is always a blast to go through the loot at the end of the night!

    Can't wait to check out the link you posted!

  5. Claudine and SE- you both wrote about spooky stories I haven't read yet. Yeah! Now I have more good reads to get me into the Halloween spirit- thanks!!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by!
    The spiders on here are creeping me out! I'm deathly afraid of them lol
    Love the site!
    Maryann @

  7. Fun! I love this time of year. I love:
    5. The changing leaves.
    4. Cool days- not too hot.
    3. Haunted houses- I freak out, but love the thrill.
    2. Halloween parties.
    1. Trick-or-treating- costumes and candy.


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