Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday's Riddle! Following your stride...

One thing I forgot to mention about something I'd like to welcome more of in 2012...a little more silliness! ~ F

You take me with you most everyday.
I follow along with nothing to say.
Sometimes you make me carry your things;
trinkets and keys, tiny boxes that ring.
Embarrass you I may, if you pay me no mind.
For I am the one to cover your behind.
I can be fancy or silly, plain or bold.
I am bought or made by both young and old.
Without me, you'd be sorry- and stand exposed.
I am half of a set that everyone knows.

What am I?

Clue: According to Hermonie, Merlin's were something to shout about... 


  1. It's a pocket a pocket a pocket...I just know that I am right this

  2. I LOVE these riddles :0)

    Pants--hopefully some sassy ones.

  3. pocket in the pants..but I have to wait till the kids come home to commit to this!

  4. I was going to say pants, but you threw me on the half of a pair???

    What is it, what is it?


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